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Dressing appropriately for the Royal Observatory!

Dressing appropriately for the Royal Observatory!

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the buckynat fandom: where we ship two ppl who are two of the most skilled murderers alive, but really all we want them to do is cuddle under blankets, watch bad movies, and eat pancakes in bed

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For your Bucky reading list wasn't it Zemo, not Sin, who leaked Bucky's past as the Winter Soldier to the press? Or am I misremembering that?

It could well have been Zemo! I’m not 100% on that stuff, it’s been a while since I read it ):

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All-New Invaders is the most recent source of delicious Bucky content, and he also features in Original Sin, which is ok if you can stand every other character talking about how much they hate Bucky

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First of all, congratulations on your excellent taste. Second of all, this is a touch confusing so instead of trying to hunt up issue numbers I’m going to try and lump it together in trades for ease of reference. For those who don’t know what trades are, that’s basically the big ol’ collected editions of comics in the graphic novel section :)


  1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Bucky returns! It’s very angsty. You saw the movie)
  2. Captain America and Bucky: The Life Story of Bucky Barnes: A recap of the preceding adventures with gorgeous art and bonus Natasha.
  3. Captain America: Fallen Son/The Man With No Face/Two Americas (Bucky Cap! Bucky has a lot of weird adventures, Zemo ties him to a rocket again, Red Skull’s crazy daughter starts a personal vendetta, Bucky and Sam are cute)
  4. Captain America: The Trial of Captain America (Red Skull’s crazy daughter leaks Bucky’s true i.d and past as the Winter Soldier to the press, Bucky stands trial for his crimes as the WS, is extradited to Russia because laws)
  5. Captain America: Prisoner of War (Bucky is shirtless in a Siberian Gulag and fights a bear. It’s the best thing ever. I got my copy signed by Sebstan because I love it so much. Bucky finds out he trained sleeper agents and decides to go back to being the Winter Soldier to take them down. Steve becomes Cap again.)
  6. Winter Soldier: Longest Winter/Broken Arrow/Widow Hunt: Bucky as the Winter Soldier takes down the sleeper agents at the cost of his relationship with the Black Widow, who is kidnapped and brainwashed into forgetting him completely. I cried for a thousand years.
  7. Winter Soldier: Electric Ghost (Bucky fights a lady named Tesla Tarasova (he killed her dad in his WS days), feels bad about his life, makes some new friends, and is a big old goofball about Natasha)


Black Widow: The Name of the Rose, which is mainly about Natasha but also features some very cute Buckynat. 

All-Winners Squad: Band of Heroes, in which Bucky meets up with some old WW2 kid sidekick type buddies and it’s terribly sad/great

On NO ACCOUNT read anything by Rick Remender.

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space witches

"we ourselves are made of star dust"
(carl sagam)

they find can understand the movements of the planets, interpret the darkest creases of the night sky. they find themselves aglow with starlight.

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 As has always been the case, I don’t require your help.

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PROMPT: Rocket and Squirrel Girl team up to thwart a Hydra plot. But does one of them have an ulterior motive???

I shoulda known she was trouble the second she walked in. Legs that went all the way up to where they stopped, and a huge, bushy tail to boot. Teeth like icicles, glinting in the new moon.

My partner once said there’s a kind of trouble you only get once in your life, and she was it. Doreen Green. 

(Actually, what he said was ‘I am Groot’, but there’s a lot of nuance that gets lost in translation.)

"What can we do you for, Miss Green?"

"You know who I am?"

I leaned back on my chair, crossing my paws behind my head. You don’t wanna play it too eager with dames like this.

"Everyone knows the dame who beat Galactus." I raised an eyebrow, not that non-furry folk can tell when I do that. "Besides, Tippy-Toe’s an old buddy of mine."

"That’s why I’m here, Mr. Raccoon." She sat down on the corner of my desk- no mean feet, when it’s only about a foot off the ground. "It’s Tippy-Toe, he’s missing."

"Missing?" I sat forward. This was serious. Tippy-Toe was  acold bastard, and didn’t go down easy. "How?"

"HYDRA." Squirrel Girl’s eyes narrowed, fire in them that outshone the suns of Halfword. "I want them taken down."

If I’d known then what I knew now, I woulda said no.

But I’ve always been a  sucker for a dame with a bushy tail.

"Miss Green, you’ve got yourself a deal."

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Natasha meets Squeak

"You… have a bat." 

James looks up from his rifle, Squeak curled up in a small bat burrito on his chest.

"I guess so?" He speaks quietly, just a low rumble to avoid waking the slumbering bat. "It wasn’t really planned."

Natasha leans forward over James’ lap to examine the creature closely. Squeak, obviously sensing that he’s a subject of discussion, opens his beady little eyes and yawns.

"He smells funny."

"He’s a bat." James resist the urge to shrug. Squeak doesn’t like that much. ‘Far as I can tell, that means he poops a hell of a lot."

Natasha flicks her eyes up to James’ face, grinning.

'On you?”

He meets her gaze levelly. “Sometimes.”

Apparently considering this, Natasha reaches out one finger and gently scratches Squeak on the head. Squeak, satisfied by this, yawns hugely, showing tiny white fangs, and goes back to sleep.

"Good bat." Natasha croons. "Such a good bat."

James rolls his eyes, but there’s a ghost of a smile on his face. ‘Shoulda known you two’d conspire against me.”